Research Post #8

The first research article I found for this week is Larks and Owls: How Sleep Habits Affect Grades.  Researchers looked at the sleep patterns of the early birds (larks) and late nighters (owls) as a factor in academic performance.  Poor sleeping habits which are associated more with the night owls tend to have lower GPAs compared to the GPAs of early birds.  

The researchers do feel that other facts such as I.Q., study habits and effort in addition to getting enough sleep are part of the bigger picture, but there is evidence related to getting enough sleep playing a factor in student’s grades.      

The second research article for this week is Reasons to Exercise before Work.  This article talks about reasons why you should get up and exercise in the morning.  It states some similar reasons from other research I’ve reported on like the morning is a great time to be alone and you can clear your mind.  You’ll also burn more calories throughout the day when you workout in the morning and your work out is done and out of the way.  

All of the reasons to get up and workout in the morning in this article have been said from the people I’ve interviewed as to why they get up and get going early in the morning before work.


4 Responses to “Research Post #8”

  1. amrana1 Says:


    Thank God, I’m not one of those owls who get bad grades. I think if they sleep late to study, their grades wouldn’t be that bad. =) I know that the research doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think that people who go to sleep late can be productive too. I think it depends on what they do when they’re awake.

    About the second article, for some reason I remember a show on National Geographic, Dog Whisperer. The host of the show, Cesar Millan, said that humans need dogs more than the dogs need humans. He said that dogs can bring balance to the household. I think that’s kind of true. Since I have a dog, a month ago, I always wake up on time and I always walk my dog, which becomes my exercise routine every morning (if that’s even an exercise at all). Maybe a pet can help some people who can’t wake up early.

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  3. Marci Says:


    It looks like your are finding alot of great information. I really liked your second article. I am not a morning person and try to make myself get out of bed to work out in the morning. Maybe this article will motivate me to do just that.

    Good luck and thanks for all the great motivation.

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