Reaction Post #10

What have I learned in MCOM507?

I feel I have benefited from all of the elements of this class.  This includes blogging, creating a Twitter account, learning how to create a specific Google map, learning about my interviewees and creating pieces with the newer internet technologies (slideshows, multimedia, etc).  

Learning some actual HTML coding was definitely a valuable aspect for me (even though I was constantly frustrated with it for every module).  I rely on a WYSIWYG editor or Front Page for the editing I need to do for our intranet and two websites.  I was also glad to know that the extra “stuff” that Front Page adds to the coding is not needed.  I’ve wanted to delete things, but wasn’t sure if I would lose all the information on the page if I did.  I have already improved my use of hyperlinks and what needs links.  

I was not aware of how to customize Google maps to my favor prior to this class.  This will be a valuable tool for me to utilize on our corporate website with references to our corporate headquarters, local restaurants and local hotels for customer visitors to reference.  

I also am approaching the way I tell someone’s story differently.  I’ve become comfortable in the corporate world writing the way the corporation writes and have to look at stories differently and include the human side to them.  Also, I’ll utilize a video or a series of photos from now on instead of just text.  Time is always a deterrent in the workplace, but I’ll need to start working with our video specialist on how we can improve this. 

Like I’ve said before, I also enjoyed refreshing some good rules of thumb:
–          don’t use more words than you need
–          use short  words instead of long ones
–          use words with simple meanings
–          use words with concrete meanings
–          be specific
–          use correct meaning of words


One Response to “Reaction Post #10”

  1. TL Says:

    I’ve been glad to see throughout the term how this class has translated to your work, Michelle. I know you were frustrated with the technology at times, but your perseverance paid off and you are leaving the class with a nice package of new skills that you can use almost daily.

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