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While You Were Sleeping… An Empty Nester is Knitting.

Linda Householder crocheted years ago, but with raising three children and working full-time, she had little time for hobbies.  Although she still works full-time, her children are grown leaving her with a surplus of free time, particularly in the morning.  While she still wakes up at 5 a.m., she no longer has the responsibility of preparing to send her children off to school.  Typically, she would use this time to have coffee while reading the newspaper and then get ready for work and arrive by 8 a.m.  

Linda has pondered learning to knit for about a year and with the availability of time in the morning, she thought this would be a great hobby to attempt.  One thing holding her back was her concern that knitting is more complicated than crocheting.  Without any experience, she wondered how she could possibly produce anything out of a ball of yarn and two straight needles. 

“My New Year’s Resolution will be learning to knit,” said Linda remembering how she finally made the decision to stop thinking and start knitting.  Once announcing her resolution, her next step was to see if there were any knitters at work.  To her surprise, a co-worker’s wife also knits.  

“The next day, a ball of yarn, a book, and needles were in a bag on my desk,” proclaimed Linda.  She attempted to use the book for instruction, but quickly realized she would need some formal training.  Determined to learn, she visited the website of a shop she passes on her way to work that likely sells yarn.  She was able to sign up for a beginner’s class.  “With the knowledge I acquired in the class and the use of YouTube for instruction, I’ve been able to successfully knit a few pieces,” said Linda.   

Now she looks forward to her alarm going off at 5 a.m. so that she can get up and work on her knitting.  Currently, she is knitting a pair of socks; “I hope I can knit two that will match”, she says.  

Some mornings Linda will use the internet to search YouTube for instructional videos or to find festivals and classes offered locally.  She even convinced her husband at the beginning of May to take her to the Maryland Wool and Fiber Festival.  She noticed numerous people walking around with bags of raw wool and vendors selling spindles.  Linda said, “I had never seen a spindle before that day.”  

She talked with one of the vendors and asked how to use a spindle.  The vendor demonstrated it for her, but Linda was still unclear on why so many people had raw wool.  The vendor said the people were either going to spin it using a spindle or a spinning wheel.  “Well, that sounded like something I’d be interested in learning, I’ll have to look in to that,” commented Linda. 

The next morning, she was back online searching for information on spindles and spinning wheels until it was time to go to work.  On her way home from work, Linda stopped at the yarn store where she learned to knit and asked if they sold spindles.  Not only did they sell spindles, but they also were holding classes in two weeks on how to use them.  “I signed up right then,” said Linda.  

In the spindle class, Linda learned about different types of fibers and how to card and prepare raw wool for spinning.  By the end of the class, she had spun approximately 4 or 5 yards of yarn.  She was totally enlightened and very proud of her accomplishments.  She changed short fibers that smelled like a barnyard, cleaned them, and turned them into something functional.  Now, she is interested in adding this to her morning routine. 

Linda recently purchased a spinning wheel and has signed up for a class at a spinning/weaving school later in June.  “With the knowledge I gain from this class and a lot of practice, I hope to become very proficient at spinning”. 

Eventually, Linda would like to learn more about the entire processing of the wool. Next she would like to find a source for raw wool from a nearby farm and learn how to dye it.  It sounds like she’ll be taking another class – too bad these classes aren’t offered at 5 a.m.


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  1. TL Says:

    Looks like you are off to a great start!

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