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My semester project theme is “While You Were Sleeping.”

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world is doing while you are sleeping? Some people sleep in as long as they possibly can before jumping out of bed, showering, and barely making it to work on time.  Other people have a pre-work life that consists of hobbies, working out, and taking care of their animals before they hit the shower and head to work. 

My project will explore what goes on in some people’s lives while others are still sleeping.  Why do these people get up and get going at the wee hours of the morning to complete these tasks? 

Individuals I would like to interview include:

  1. Linda – Learning to knit
  2. Marge – Taking care of horses
  3. Gina – Spin instructor
  4. Sparky – Feeding the chickens
  5. Mike – Guardian Angels
  6. Kelly – Working out
  7. Rick – Karate
  8. Dan – Lifting Weights
  9. Cindy – Gourds
  10. Jake – Biking

I will also research blogs and articles related to these topics.


3 Responses to “Research Post”

  1. Marci Says:

    I think this is a great idea. I have always wondered what my co-workers do outside of work. Some people I am like “wow, you do that” and some people’s hobbies fit their personality. I have a co-worker who likes to take photos. She visits historical places in the area (Anne Arundle County). I can put you in touch if you are interested. She is really good and loves all aspects of photography. She takes classes in her spare time to perfect her technique.

    You have a few that seem to like to work out or something similar to physical activity. You might want to find one or two people that have nothing to do with physical fitness. This will broaden your topic and show the diversity of hobbies that people have. Since you know so many people that like to work out- if you know anyone that runs marathons, let me know!

    Good luck!

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